Kerteminde Bed & Breakfast Hotel


The former Seamen’s home had its opening back in December 1927 and it quickly became a very important part of the old seaport Kerteminde because of its unique waterfront location and its attractive architecture. Seamen from all of Europe came to stay in the small but very homely hotel where, at that time, the seamen slept in bunk beds with room and bedding up to 32 people.

During World War ll the Seamen’s home was used as a German military base.

When the overland transportation developed drastically in the 60’s, there was no longer the same need for such a place like the Seamen’s home and it unfortunately closed in 1964.

But in 2007 the Seamen’s home was completely renovated, transformed and (re)opened as a B&B hotel with many satisfied guests. It’s now a very cozy and charming Bed and Breakfast Hotel with its rich history and atmosphere preserved.